A wide range of hair extensions are available in the salon to choose from. Methods available; Invisi Tape, Invisi Weave, Micro Weave, Nano Rings, Micro Rings - I Tip & Clip In’s.

All Consultations are free & compulsory and a free maintenance guide will be given with every service.

Invisi Tape

This invisible weft technology is made on an extremely thin silk base crafted by hand and the weft mimics the natural regrowth at the root for complete discretion. This is applied with beauty works tape that sticks to the hair and lasts up to 6 weeks. Hair is guaranteed for up to 9 months given the accurate care.

Invisi Weave

Invisi weave is the most comfortable, discreet and natural feeling weft; suitable for all hair types, this weft mimics the natural re-growth at the root due to the hand crafted invisible weft technology. The unique weft design is made on an extremely thin silk base, which makes Invisi®-Weft thinner than any other weft extensions. Available in 18 inch length, with Beauty Works.

Nano Rings

The Nano Ring is the smallest and most innovative way to apply hair extensions currently on the market. These extensions are very comfortable and the rings are so tiny they are almost impossible to detect, even when you are wearing your hair up in a ponytail. A nano hair extension is applied in seconds!

Micro Rings - I Tip

Micro ring hair extensions (also known as micro bead or micro loop) are perfect if you are looking for a more long term solution to thicken and lengthen your hair. No heat, glue or chemicals are used, the micro ring is applied strand by strand and attached to your natural hair via micro cylinders. They look like tiny beads!

Micro Weave

Micro weft extension application is much quicker than the individual strand by strand micro ring or pre bonded method. The micro weft is a great budget buster and fantastic for those wanting to try extensions for the first time. There are less micro rings that have to be applied to the hair weft, this dramatically reduces fitting time.

Clip In's

Clip In hair extensions are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair giving you longer hair, lowlights, highlights or added volume.